My specialty: Science fiction based on science, not fantasy.

You will find no stable wormholes, warp drives, hyper-drives, force fields, or transporter beams here! My stories are based on technologies that currently exist, are actively being researched, or are plausible extensions of known capabilities.

This blog includes links to the books that I have thus far published, as well as my own commentaries on subjects ranging from the flat earth model to the Cold Dark Matter hypothesis.

MY LATEST PUBLICATION, released in February 2022: Martian Red Blood / Lunar Labyrinth: https://david-seldon-moore.blog/martian-red-blood-lunar-labyrinth

This is a collection of two science fiction murder mysteries in one volume.

Blog entries follow:

The Madness of Time Travel

Time travel is a staple in science fiction stories. Marty McFly traveled into the future and back into the past by means of a flux capacitor designed by the eminent Dr. Emmett Brown. Until he surrendered it to Thanos, Dr. Strange used the power of the time stone to control time. And Dr. Who cavorts…

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Plot, Milieu, Poetry, and Character

Fiction writing spans a vast range of styles and structures. Some fiction concentrates on the plot. Just tell the story. Don’t distract me with useless details about scudding clouds, or a woman’s updo, or the sonorous music playing in an elevator. Just tell me what happened. That’s all I want to know. Certainly there is…

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Writing as a tool

Writing is certainly one of the greatest tools humans have ever invented. Prior to the invention of writing, knowledge could only be passed from one generation to the next via word of mouth. Once writing became a part of everyday life, knowledge could be preserved across time. There is an ongoing debate between the Egyptologists…

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The Science Fiction Genre

Is the genre of science fiction simply a form of titillating entertainment, unworthy of serious consideration? Or does it convey something of lasting value that can engage our interest and give us insight into ourselves and the world around us? Before attempting to answer this question we should ask whether there is any such thing…

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Big oil missed a huge business opportunity

Climate change is forcing businesses to change. In the automotive industry there is now a massive effort underway to develop complete product lines of battery powered all-electric vehicles, apparently with the goal of one day eliminating all gas powered cars. That would certainly help to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. But I’m not so sure…

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More books:

The MIND SPACE series is a set of five science fiction novels. The story revolves around the Mind Shield– an implanted medical device that monitors the brain for neurological disorders. But after two years of blazing sales the manufacturers of the Mind Shield turn on a feature that enables it to influence human thought and behavior.

More info, and where to buy: https://david-seldon-moore.blog/the-mind-space-series/

Imagination is more important than knowledge.

Albert Einstein

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