My specialty: Science fiction based on science, not fantasy.

You will find no stable wormholes, warp drives, hyper-drives, force fields, or transporter beams here! My stories are based on technologies that currently exist, are actively being researched, or are plausible extensions of known capabilities.

This blog includes links to the books that I have thus far published, as well as my own commentaries on subjects ranging from the flat earth model to the Cold Dark Matter hypothesis.

MY LATEST PUBLICATION, released in February 2022: Martian Red Blood / Lunar Labyrinth: https://david-seldon-moore.blog/martian-red-blood-lunar-labyrinth

This is a collection of two science fiction murder mysteries in one volume.

Blog entries follow:

Questions for physicists

Dark Matter If dark matter is a type of particle that is subject to gravitation but not to electricity and magnetism, as some physicists have speculated, then such particles should accumulate in the cores of stars. That would mean that a star can achieve the density necessary to kick off nuclear fusion with only about…

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Anonymity and social discord

Hyperbole has long been the political agitator’s weapon of choice. It costs nothing, and for those of the audience who are susceptible to fear it can be very effective. Now technology has given such antagonists an even greater reason to employ exaggeration. The tools of email, text messaging, and social media allow users to adopt…

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Is fiction superior to history?

Should the education of the young rely on the lessons of history, or should it instead employ fiction to convey the core observations we wish future generations to understand about human behavior? One could argue that the lessons of history are more real and more true than anything that could be represented in fiction, and…

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The Madness of Time Travel

Time travel is a staple in science fiction stories. Marty McFly traveled into the future and back into the past by means of a flux capacitor designed by the eminent Dr. Emmett Brown. Until he surrendered it to Thanos, Dr. Strange used the power of the time stone to control time. And Dr. Who cavorts…

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Plot, Milieu, Poetry, and Character

Fiction writing spans a vast range of styles and structures. Some fiction concentrates on the plot. Just tell the story. Don’t distract me with useless details about scudding clouds, or a woman’s updo, or the sonorous music playing in an elevator. Just tell me what happened. That’s all I want to know. Certainly there is…

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More books:

The MIND SPACE series is a set of five science fiction novels. The story revolves around the Mind Shield– an implanted medical device that monitors the brain for neurological disorders. But after two years of blazing sales the manufacturers of the Mind Shield turn on a feature that enables it to influence human thought and behavior.

More info, and where to buy: https://david-seldon-moore.blog/the-mind-space-series/

Imagination is more important than knowledge.

Albert Einstein

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