2022 – France – Day 1

Thursday August 25th

We decided to get to Paris a day early to allow ourselves time to recover from jet lag. That, as it turned out, was a good decision.

We arrived in Paris (at the Charles De Gaulle airport), took a taxi to our hotel, and recovered from our flight. That evening we had dinner at a local crêperie (a place that makes crêpes). As it happens our hotel was located just a block or two from a street that had half a dozen crêperies within a one block stretch. We just picked one at random, took a table on the sidewalk, and had a lovely meal as pedestrians and cars passed by. I ordered a crêpe with ham and an egg; Jackie had one with chocolate. Both were delicious. We had a bit of wine and took our time– in the French way– and that was the moment when we both felt that we were at last truly experiencing France.

Here’s Jackie enjoying her crêpe: