Mind Space is a series of 5 novels. The story begins when Matthew Henderson, a Ph.D. candidate in medicine, is studying for his oral exams and receives a call from someone who looks vaguely familiar. He introduces himself as his mother’s attorney and says that he has bad news. His mother had a stroke and has died. She collapsed in her kitchen and was conscious but immobile for several days before finally succumbing. Henderson makes it through his exams and vows to create something that will help people in a similar situation. After several years of research he invents the Mind Shield, an implanted device that monitors for stroke, hypertension, and other conditions. After two years of blazing sales the product managers decide to enable a feature of the Mind Shield that allows it to influence the thoughts and emotions of its host.

All five are available in paperback on Amazon for $9.95 each, paperback, and $1.99 Kindle. Art work for books 1 through 3 by David Garcia and Jeff Sturgeon. Art work for books 4 and 5 by Jeff Sturgeon alone.

Book 1: The Martyrs

Book 2: Restoration

Book 3: Mind Space

Book 4: First Colonies

Book 5: Mars

Star Trek novel, Beyond The Whitherstream:

The story takes place about 100 years after the Dominion war. Refugees from that conflict journeyed toward the center of the galaxy in hopes of avoiding hostilities. They decide to settle in a region of space that is more than 10,000 light years from the outer boundary of the Federation. But while they had hoped to find the region unoccupied, they find instead that it has long been inhabited by many very ancient races.

Non-fiction book on religion, The Reverent Atheist:

(There is no Kindle version of this book as there are too many tables whose format wouldn’t work on in e-book.)