My specialty: Science fiction based on science, not fantasy.

You will find no stable wormholes, warp drives, hyper-drives, force fields, or transporter beams here! My stories are based on technologies that currently exist, are actively being researched, or are plausible extensions of known capabilities.

This blog includes links to the books that I have thus far published, as well as my own commentaries on subjects ranging from the flat earth model to the Cold Dark Matter hypothesis.

MY LATEST PUBLICATION, released in February 2022: Martian Red Blood / Lunar Labyrinth: https://david-seldon-moore.blog/martian-red-blood-lunar-labyrinth

This is a collection of two science fiction murder mysteries in one volume.

Blog entries follow:

Galactic Colonization

Galactic empires are common plot elements in science fiction writing. But as I showed in another post titled “Faster Than Light Travel,” the likelihood is that it will never be possible to maintain an empire stretching across the galaxy. The laws of physics, as we presently understand them, simply won’t support it. But would it … Continue reading Galactic Colonization

Faster Than Light Travel

Humans have explored the globe, traveled faster than the speed of sound, and gone to the Moon. Humans have learned secrets of the universe that no other species of our planet could possibly comprehend. Surely it will be only a matter of years, or perhaps decades, before humanity will begin traveling to the stars. How … Continue reading Faster Than Light Travel

Biblical Chronology, part 3

This is part 3 of a series of posts on the bible’s chronology.
The chronology of the Old Testament is convoluted and difficult to reconcile with known historical events.

More books:

The MIND SPACE series is a set of five science fiction novels. The story revolves around the Mind Shield– an implanted medical device that monitors the brain for neurological disorders. But after two years of blazing sales the manufacturers of the Mind Shield turn on a feature that enables it to influence human thought and behavior.

Book One, the Mind Space series

More info, and where to buy: https://david-seldon-moore.blog/the-mind-space-series/

Imagination is more important than knowledge.

Albert Einstein

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